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About HR Partners

A Competitive Interview Strategy Firm

Since our founding in 2004, we have helped motivated job seekers at all career stages fundamentally increase their chance for interview success.  Hundreds of motivated job seekers across the United States have adopted our unique 3-step approach to improve their preparation, confidence and ability to effectively communicate with impact during the interview.  One measure of our success is the long-standing relationship we have with our clients throughout their career.

Today we are focused on helping motivated job seekers adapt to the new job market reality that has emerged from the economic crisis and globalization.  Higher competition for quality jobs due to downsizing; higher industry volatility creating constant change; new information based business models requiring different competencies; changing organization structures requiring different collaboration and leadership skills.  As a result company attitudes and behaviors are undergoing a reset, which ultimately has changed hiring practices today and in the future.  The challenge to get an interview let alone a quality job in today's job market is greater than ever. 

Our advice has always stemmed from a singular point of view - the key to interview success is preparing to the beat the competition.  The antidote for competition is strategy.  An interview strategy explains how a candidate faced with competition will achieve superior interview performance.  The foundation to superior interview performance is having a competitive advantage.  We use our proprietary 3-step competitive interview strategy framework to help our clients create competitive advantage by enabling them to differentiate and connect with confidence during the interview.  We call this establishing a unique interview presence.  Based on our 20+ years of experience establishing a unique interview presence results in superior interview performance. 

While helpful career consultants offering traditional approaches to interview preparation is not optimal in today's hypercompetitive job market.  Nor is using automated interview services that provide prepared answers to common interview questions.  While these services help they don't prepare you for competition.  That's strategy's Job.  The key to success is having a customized interview strategy that aligns your differentiated strengths with what the hiring manager needs.  We are committed to helping our clients develop a strategy when executed increases their chances to beat the competition and win the interview. 

Our virtual engagement model allows us to serve clients all over the United States.  We are active in our local communities and contribute our time to a range of charitable and non-profit organizations. 

Our Difference

HR Partners is unlike any other top-tier career or interview consulting firm.  We take great pride in the differences we bring to our clients.  Clients tell us that our distinctiveness stems from several aspects of our perspective and approach.

A singular focus on competitive interview strategy

Whatever the issue, lack of confidence to inability to communicate your unique value, we bring a unique perspective that will provide the optimal strategy for interview success.  This is all we do and all we have ever done.  Our focus is to help clients identify and focus only on what's critical to interview success. 

A competitive interview strategy framework that leaves a legacy

We have a proprietary 3-step competitive interview strategy framework that builds client confidence, capabilities and interview skills in a cost effective manner.  Rather than tell clients what they should do, we help them discover the optimal strategy for interview success.  We care about helping our clients build interview skills that will last over their career, not about making one-off recommendations.

People who challenge with empathy

We believe that consultants fail their clients when they tell them what they think the client wants to hear or when they presume to know better.  We bring challenge to our clients while seeking to understand their unique obstacles to interview success - never forgetting that our business is to serve.

Higher standards for performance

Industry standards lead to average performance.  At the heart of our work is the belief that exceptional value requires a company to build profitable differences from competitors.  So we help clients arrive at highly original solutions to their needs.  We customize those solutions to maximize the opportunity for interview success.   

Our Experience

Each of HR Partners interview strategist have conducted over a 1,000 interviews and as former corporate leaders made hundreds of hiring decisions across their careers.  They all have extensive recruiting and hiring experience from a variety of industries and functions.  Our team's deep experience as both hiring manager and recruiter gives our clients perspective on the optimal approach to interview preparation and performance.  As a result our interview strategists enjoy the trust, rapport and confidence of their clients by providing an impartial perspective on their clients' most pressing interview challenges. 

What Others Say About Us

While we maintain a low profile, a number of clients have gone on record to describe the impact we've had on them. They testify to a firm and client service model that has transformed their interview skills, ability and for many their lives by helping them win their dream job.  We are proud of what is said about us and the testimonials we have received.