"I've been apart of many diversity and inclusion workshops but none like this. Tayna has a gift of bringing people together to listen and understand.  After the workshop I felt equipped to have the difficult discussions about race and inclusion with parents and students"  - Lynn Whitfield, High School Principal

"I was fortunate to participate in a guided discussion facilitated by Tayna (Longino) on the difficult topic of race and equity in the workplace.  She managed to allow all participants to share their views and concerns, while keeping the group on task and the discussion productive. I left the workshop informed, inspired and open minded"   - Julie Traina, Life Coach   

Client Testimonials

Since 2008 we've helped hundreds of individuals and organizations drive towards a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.  Our company started with a focus on helping organizations attract and retain diverse talent.  Our services have expanded to include helping organizations enable a diverse and inclusive workforce to improve business outcomes.  This is now our core focus.  Our primary measure of success is feedback received from our clients. 

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"I attended the inclusive leader workshop.  The workshop was highly insightful. The workshop gave me a better understanding of what actually drives diversity and inclusion.  I now have practical tools to become an inclusive leader"  - Kevin Williams, High School Teacher

"The recent events surrounding George Floyd caused a number of my team members to request guidance on how to talk about race and diversity in a constructive way. HR Partners did a wonderful job creating a virtual workshop that was highly interactive. They created an environment where the majority of participants felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns about the state of the country. They also provided a practical dialog framework and tools to implement key learnings immediately"  - Michael White,  Senior Commercial Leader 

For client testimonials and references contact HR Partners at 215-527-9948 or tlongino@hrpartnersonline.com