Diversity and Inclusion for Business Outcomes
Data reveals that greater innovation and stronger financial performance come from organizations that are both diverse and inclusive. Our workshop will enable participants to understand the benefits of a diverse team and inclusive culture.  We teach skills to design and implement a D&I strategy that is relevant to client needs and business outcomes. 
FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion
Awareness of biases is important, but organizations must equip employees with ways to both interrupt bias and to create an environment where differences are appreciated. This workshop is designed to enable all employees to become mindful of unconscious bias, how it shows up at work, and equips them with practical actions to create a more inclusive environment that creates equity and belonging. 
FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process
Research shows that the hiring process is often biased and unfair. Unconscious racism, homophobia, ageism, and sexism play a big role in who gets hired. But there are steps organizations can take to recognize and eliminate these biases. This workshop will help participants understand the value of a diverse workforce and develop processes and skills to assess, identify and reduce these biases.
FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

Managing Employee Retention, Equity and Belonging
Employee retention is a critical issue as companies compete for talent.  The costs of employee turnover are increasingly high – as much as 2.5x an employee’s salary depending on role.  And there are other “soft costs”: lowered productivity, decreased engagement, training costs and cultural impact.  This workshop will teach participants the value of employee retention and practical strategies to achieve it. 

FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers


At HR Partners we provide customized in-person and virtual workshops that enhance organization learning, development and business success.  We work with organizations to develop and implement workshops that are grounded in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) principles and business priorities.  We are able to utilize our combined 30+ years of corporate experience to help individuals and organizations leverage the power of differences to drive business outcomes.                                                                                                                    

We deliver interactive workshops that comply with federal & state regulations, and train supervisors and non-supervisors using real-world practical examples and studies.  


 Leadership Development


Leverage the Power of Differences

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With a combined 30+ years of management and human resource experience in corporations across multiple industries, HR Partners has deep real-world expertise in building diverse, inclusive and engaged organizations. We also supplement our deep corporate functional experience with research to develop customized solutions that address organization challenges and enhance business performance. 

Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation and we will develop a solution to meet your individual or organization needs. Our areas of expertise include:

-Diversity and Inclusion

-Unconscious Bias

-Talent Management

-Leadership Development

-New Leader Transition and Onboarding

-Career Planning

-Interview Preparation 

Inclusive Leadership
While inclusion has been gaining more attention from organizations, many organizations struggle to move from awareness of bias among leaders to driving inclusive behaviors. This workshop will help participants understand the benefits of a more diverse team and inclusive culture, examine the dynamics of their own team, understand their role in creating an inclusive environment, explore the barriers that are getting in the way of a truly inclusive environment, and plan practical actions to break down barriers and foster an inclusive culture in which all employees can thrive and bring their best. 

FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

Fostering Psychological Safe Work Environment
Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is a safe place for interpersonal risk taking. When employees feel psychologically safe, they feel accepted, are more capable of taking risks, communicate candidly, and think creatively.  Psychological safety is especially important in building and managing diverse teams.  This workshop will enable participants to cultivate a culture where all employees feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work and having courageous conversations when addressing difficult topics.  Participants will learn how to use these conversations to reduce division and exclusion and drive business performance.                FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

New Leader Transition to Accelerate Impact
A significant percentage of transitioning leaders struggle when moving to new roles. According to research up to 46% of all new leaders underperform during the course of their transition.  In contrast, the most successful leadership transitions generate substantial benefits for both the leader and the organization. This workshop will provide practical guidance, tools and an action plan when implemented can reduce this risk and accelerate new leader impact. 

FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

High Impact Onboarding for New Leaders
Research shows that up to 40% of new hired executives fail within 18 months on the job.  Research also indicates a new hire that completes a structured onboarding program is more likely to remain with the company beyond 3 years. This workshop will provide practical guidance, tools and an action plan to reduce this risk and accelerate new leader impact.   

FORMAT:  In-Person or Virtual   AUDIENCE: Employees, Managers

1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching
Coaching can help strengthen you as a leader, uncover blind spots, and change behaviors that can directly impact business results. Through regular virtual coaching sessions via phone, video, or web platform, HR Partners executive leadership coaching will help leverage strengths and neutralize weaknesses to achieve individual and organization performance.  We provide customized solutions based on clients identified goals..                   

FORMAT:  Virtual   AUDIENCE: All